Your help hurts

The day I was prescribed my SNRI, I felt as though I had officially given up. I couldn’t help but feel like I wasn’t a normal person that could deal with life…I needed this crutch now. I was so defeated. My Doc told me it was only temporary while I worked with a therapist. As much as I know it can be beneficial, up to now the drugs help me the most.  

What doesn’t help though? PEOPLE sometimes.

 Let’s be honest, some people just know best, right? They’ve seen it all, and even if they haven’t, they know someone who has so here they are with their golden chalice full of precious wisdom.  I don’t even ASK and they pour out their opinions. I typically smile and nod, thank them and move on. However it really doesn’t help me in my quest not to feel like I’m a weak individual with zero will-power. 

“Just choose to be happy.” 

“We all get depressed! You just have to not focus on it.”

“It’s not that bad; it could be worse.”

-Everyone that has zero experience with depression.

If you don’t suffer from depression, please understand it’s not a choice we made to be bummed all the time. We aren’t wallowing in our misery and we don’t need to “start being grateful and stop pouting”. 

If getting over it was an option…oh if only it were. 

One thought on “Your help hurts

  1. A Walk into the Woods September 22, 2016 / 23:12

    And it’s uninvited, distasteful and ‘i know how it feels’ kind. If only they knew. Ignoring is the only option for sanity..

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